About me

Hi there, I'm Jeff. I'm a Ruby and JavaScript software engineer living in Edinburgh, UK. I have a passion for measuring and improving site speed and am currently working on my own real user metrics product called illuminatr.

I also believe in user privacy so you won't find any cookies here! This site uses Fathom Analytics to allow me to have simple and privacy focused website analytics and I encourage you to check them out. As an alternative to Disqus, I'm also trying out Commento which is a lightweight and privacy focused comments widget.

I'm a big fan of the simplicity of static site generators but not so keen on the large JavaScript bundles delivered by some. This site is built with Middleman which is highly customisable but keeps things lean and is hosted by Netlify.

I'm using this site to write about what I learn and as a playground to experiment with different technologies. The source code is on GitHub so feel free to take a look around.

If you need a well earned break from all the code and tech articles then take some time out and have a go at my game!