Children’s Hospices Across Scotland

For over twenty years CHAS has been offering a full family support service for babies, children and young people with life-shortening conditions.



Ruby on Rails, LocomotiveCMS, PostgreSQL, mongoDB, jQuery, SCSS

My involvement

My initial involvement with CHAS was for a campaign they were running called Keep the Joy Alive. All the letters you see on the site were designed by children that CHAS have helped support. As part of an awareness campaign, we were tasked with building an interface whereby supporters of the charity could upload their photo and type their name. The CHAS alphabet letters for their name would then be superimposed on top of their photo and people could then share their pictures on social media. See my twitter profile page for an example!.

Additionally, I built a backend admin interface with Active Admin where they could manage their Twitter and Instagram hashtag and username mentions. The site runs a cron job multiple times per hour to look for new content and admin users can then approve the pictures they want to appear on the homepage carousel.

Finally I have also developed a backend system to take volunteer applications on their website and submit all of the information through the Raiser's Edge API.